Top 7 Electric Pressure Washer 2021 Review

If you are looking forward to buying an electric pressure washer, you will find that there are an enormous number of options. It might not be easy to choose one option without studying each and every product carefully. If you carelessly choose and buy a product, you might end up with an expensive electric pressure but does not provide features according to its price.

Here is a guide which will help you decide which electric pressure you should buy. Given below are the top seven electric pressures and their features, along with their negatives and positives. It is an in-depth researched guide with a detailed description of the products based on their reviews, ratings, and more. You will also find a buying guide that will simplify your purchase by providing many points that should be kept in mind while making the purchase, which can play a vital role in helping you with your decision.

Finding a pressure washer according to the requirements is very difficult and also digging a deep internet to get the best pressure washers according to the requirements is not an easy task to do. It also consumes lots of time from your busy schedule. To make it easy for you to get the best on the list, we dig the internet and help you with the best suggestion for your requirements. Every person has different requirements and needs like Gas Pressure Washer, Hot Water Pressure Washer, Wall-mounted Pressure, Portable Pressure Washers, Quiet Pressure Washers, Cordless Pressure Washers, Electric Pressure Washer, and Commercial Pressure Washer, etc. Requirements could be anything like I mentioned above. We mentioned the suggestion based on people usually looking on the internet.

Some many features and designs can completely change the overall performance of the electric pressure washer. Given below are the seven electric pressure washer that stands out from the rest of the options:

Electric Pressure Washer

7 Best Electric Pressure Washer

  • Westinghouse Electric Pressure Washer

Manufactured by Westinghouse, Westinghouse EPX3050 is a reliable and robust electric washer with 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM. It weighs around 19 pounds making it lightweight and compact and does not require a lot of storage. With a low centered gravity, it ensures that it does not tip over.

Equipped with four wheels, which can rotate 360 degrees, increases the mobility of the product. This has four types of nozzles ranging from 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, and soap application. This pressure is perfect for light and medium-duty takes and removes dirt off various surfaces like stone, wood, aluminium, iron, etc.

Other features include Total Stop System (TSS), 15 feet of hose length, 0.16 gal of soap tank. The weight of this unit is only 19 pounds due to the plastic frame, onboard storage, which is to keep all the accessories in one place with a warranty of 3 years.

Westinghouse Electric Pressure Washer


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • It is easy to use and store.
  • Very simple to assemble.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • It can work for a long time without causing any issue.


  • The hose is not of the best quality and gets punctured easily.
  • Due to the plastic body, some accessories/add-ons break easily.
  • Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe is one of the most renowned brands and provides high-grade electrical pressure washers. They are the number one bestseller in Electric Pressure Washers. It is suitable for cleaning jobs at home, garden, office, etc.

It offers an amazing 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM, making it suitable for both heavy and light duty work available at 14.5 amp/ 1800 watt. Moreover, this product contains two remarkable 0.9L tanks capable of storing different detergent types to tackle different cleaning tasks at once. 

It is equipped with a 34-inch extension spray and is made to clean hard-to-reach areas. Sun Joe Pressure washer has five spray nozzles, and you can adjust the pressure output of water according to the requirement. Besides these, other features include a 35 feet power cord, a TSS (Total Stop System), which stops the pump automatically as soon as the trigger is released to save energy and increase pump life.

Sun Joe SPX3000


  • It is simple to use.
  • Works without making noise.
  • Effective for deep cleaning.
  • It is quite simple to assemble.


  • High pressure of water can cause damage.
  • The plastic connections are not of the best quality and break easily.
  • It is not capable of maintaining 1.76 GPM for long.
  • Greenworks Pressure Washer GPW1950

GPW 1950 is a power-packed electric washer offering many features like a 1950 PSZ and 1.2 GPM rate flow with a 13 Amp induction motor, which allows you to clean a large area at once. Also, the motor is water-resistant and delivers consistent power. Equipped with a 35-foot power cable and 25 feet hose makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach places. It is efficient and versatile.

It has two built-in soap tanks and nozzles of three varieties, namely 0 degree, which is high-pressure pencil-point, 25 degrees fan-tip, and 40 degrees, which is a low pressure that can be used for rinsing or watering plants. Hence, it is suitable for both medium and heavy-duty cleaning jobs. 

This unit's weight is approximately 44.7 pounds, with a length of 21.06 inches, a width of 18.5 inches, and a height of 12.01 inches. Other features include hose reels, making it easier to wind and unwind the hose without getting it tangled.

Greenworks Pressure Washer GPW1950


  • It is compact, making it easier to store.
  • Not hard to assemble.
  • Wheels provide effortless movement.
  • Available at a feasible price.


  • Not ideal for horizontal use.
  • It consumes more soap/detergent.
  • Not lightweight.
  • Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean AR2N1

Another electric water pressure manufactured by the Annovi Reverberi is AR2N1. This electric pressure delivers a 2050 PSI and a GPM of 1.56 rate flow with a 13 amp motor. The motor used provides 42 times the power offered by a garden hose. 

This unit is very versatile as it can be used for various cleaning tasks like cleaning decks, cement, pools, patio furniture, vehicles, etc., equipped with heavy-duty rugged wheels, which increases the effective mobility of the electric pressure water. Four types of nozzle tips are available with this product, which are 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, and soap or rotary nozzle. Thus, it can be used for low, medium, and high duty cleaning.

It has a 25-foot high-pressure hose, a Total Stop System (TSS), ensuring conservation of energy and increased motor life, and a detachable 25 oz detergent tank. When the low-pressure spray is used, the detergent tank is activated automatically. This electric pressure washer's weight is 29 pounds and dimensions of 25 inches in length, 17 inches in width, and 18 inches in height.

Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean AR2N1


  • Simple to use.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning.


  • It only has a limited one year warranty.
  • Garden hose and pressure hose connections are of poor quality.
  • Stanley SLP2050

Stanley SLP2050 provides some of the best class features with a 2050 PSI and 1.46 GPM at 14 amp to wipe out any dirt, grease, mould moss, etc. It can be used to clean vehicles, outdoor furniture, animal cages, etc.

Dimensions of this unit are 24.4 in length, 16.38 in width, and 17.2 inches in height and weigh around 36.38 pounds. The pressure hose is flexible and 25 feet in length and 35 feet of a power cord. It is equipped with five types of nozzles: 0 degrees for a high-pressure pencil point spray, 15 degrees, 25 degrees for normal cleaning, rotary or turbo, and a low-pressure nozzle tip, which activates the 28 oz detergent tank automatically. It is used in light and medium-duty cleaning work.

Other features include Total Stop System (TSS), which shuts down the motor as soon as the trigger is released, saving energy and lengthening motor life. The warranty for this unit is two years.

Stanley SLP2050


  • Designed to make storage simpler.
  • Offers excellent value for money.
  • Easy to assemble and handle.
  • High mobility.


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cleaning work.
  • The pressure hose is not very stiff, so it becomes hard to wind and unwind.
  • It cannot work efficiently for a long duration of time.
  • Powerhouse International Platinum Edition Pressure Washer

The Powerhouse platinum edition electric pressure washer includes a variety of features. It is powerful with a 3000 PSI and 2.2 GPM. There are five kinds of spray tips: 0 degrees (a powerful high-pressure pencil point), 15 degrees (used for intense cleaning jobs), 25 degrees (used in household clean-up), 40 degrees (used to clean vehicles, patio furniture, to water plants and rinsing) and watering making it suitable for a number of cleaning purposes.

The four-wheel carts allow the product to move freely with the user while cleaning and can also be removed completely to fix the washer in a place or carrying the washer. Powerhouse electric washer includes TSS(Total Stop System), which stops the motor instantly as soon as the trigger is released. 

This ensures the saving of energy and increases the lifespan of the motor. You can adjust the amount of soap dispensed by using the soap foam bottle. The hose length is 30 feet. It comes in dimensions of 13x15x24 inches and weighs around 15.41 pounds.

Powerhouse International Platinum Edition Pressure Washer


  • It is very compact and light.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Wheels, long cord make it mobile.
  • It can be used for a variety of cleaning works, from cleaning vehicles to water plants.


  • Not cost-efficient.
  • The hose is not very flexible.
  • It can fall over.
  • Annovi Reverberi(AR) AR390SS

Annovi Reverberi is an Italian electric pressure washer manufacturer with experience of 58 years. AR390SS created by Annovi Reverberi brand delivers a maximum of 2000 PSI and 1.46 GPM of water. This product generates pressure that is 30 times greater than an ordinary garden hose making it environmentally friendly and decreasing water consumption by 80%. 

There are a variety of adjustable nozzles available for different types of cleaning jobs (0, 25, soap, and rotatory/turbo). It includes a 35 feet power cord and a 30 feet high-pressure hose, which enables the user to clean areas that are usually hard to access.

The product is 17inches high, 16 inches in length, and 38 inches in width. There is a 48oz detergent tank. This product weighs around 35.5 pounds. It comes with a limited 1-year warranty. Listed below are the positives and negatives of the product.

Annovi Reverberi(AR) AR390SS


  • It works silently.
  • The long length of power cable and hose provides greater reach.
  • It is considered easy to assemble.
  • This unit is easy to handle.


  • The quality of the hose-reel is not good.
  • Uneven distribution of weight can cause it to fall over.
  • The warranty offered is shorter than other electric washers.

Buying Guide

Now that you know about some of the top-notch electric pressure washers available in the market, you will have an idea of the attributes, strengths, and weaknesses of various products. However, before buying any electric pressure washer, you should need to keep in mind some conditions and features according to your requirement before choosing one product. 

Pressure rating- 

It is probably the most important feature, as it is the cleaning capacity of the washer. It is calculated in pounds per square inch (PSI). Like PSI, GPM stands for a gallon per minute; it is the volume of water coming out of the nozzle per minute. More the value of PSI more will be the cleaning capacity, and GPM's greater value ensures speedy work. If you want to do high duty work, you should opt for a washer with a high PSI and GPM.

Different wands and nozzle types -

 A 0 degrees nozzle is a high-pressure pencil point used to remove stubborn grimes, while a 40 degree which can be used for rinsing. Thus, remember to choose a product with the kind of units necessary as per your requirement. 

Hose quality and flexibility - 

It is very important. If it is of poor quality, it may break due to the high pressure. Flexibility is also essential so that it is easy to wind and unwind the hose. 

Cord Length-

You will need to have an electric pressure washer with a long power cord if you want to use it for outdoor cleaning work. Hence, choose a product that has a cord length as per your requirements.


Last but not least, the price. It is no doubt that you would like to purchase a unit that has the essentials features you require and is also feasible. So, once you have decided on the attributes you want, you can shortlist some units and purchase the one that falls in your budget range.

If you keep the above points in your mind while making your decision, you can surely save yourself from a great deal of confusion and find yourself an ideal electric pressure washer.


We have covered the description, attributes, positives, and negatives of seven well-known electric pressure washers in this article. Along with that, we have covered the factors that play an important role in deciding which product you should buy. After reading it, you will have an idea about each of them.

Buying an electric pressure washer without any assistance might end with you regretting your purchase and a waste of your money. This description will save you from a great deal of confusion and time. Choosing an option after reading this article will surely get you a satisfying and efficient product for your requirements.


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